Peace Requires Anarchy

AnCap Trivia

Each question links to an /r/Anarcho_Capitalism Reddit post providing the answer.


  1. Who is the only anarcho-capitalist to co-author a book with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?
  2. Who is the most well-known anarcho-capitalist?
  3. What single policy change would roughly double world GDP?
  4. Which anarcho-capitalist received over 1500 points when he did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit?
  5. Which anarcho-capitalist’s Wikipedia page received over 3600 points on Reddit in the aftermath of another disturbing story of police abuse and lack of police accountability?
  6. What “forms the true locus of dispute between libertarianism and other political philosophies”?
  7. What is “the best book of libertarian political philosophy around” according to anarcho-capitalist economist Prof. Bryan Caplan?


  1. AnCap educator Michael Strong co-authored the book Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems with Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey (Fortune 500 rank 218).
  2. AnCap WWE Wrestler Glenn Jacobs a.k.a. Kane has over 6 million “likes” on his Facebook page (as of October 2014), probably meaning he is the anarcho-capitalist known by the greatest number of people.
  3. Open borders would roughly double World GDP.
  4. Prof. Bryan Caplan‘s AMA received 1,500+ points. UPDATE: Jeremy Kauffman and colleagues’ September 2nd, 2016 LBRY AMA received 4,800+ points.
  5. Antonio Buehler‘s.
  6. The notion of political authority. As Prof. Michael Huemer writes on page 178 of his book The Problem of Political Authority, “It is, then, the notion of authority that forms the true locus of dispute between libertarianism and other political philosophies: libertarians are skeptical about authority, whereas most people accept the state’s authority in more or less the terms in which the state claims it. This is what enables most to endorse governmental behavior that would otherwise appear to violate individual rights: non-libertarians assume that most of the moral constraints that apply to other agents do not apply to the state.” In other words, non-libertarians mainly don’t disagree with the non-aggression principle or the coercive nature of government, but with our skepticism or outright rejection of political authority. See Huemer’s Cato essay for a more descriptive introduction to this locus of dispute.
  7. The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey by anarcho-capitalist philosopher Prof. Michael Huemer.

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