Peace Requires Anarchy


How many anarcho-libertarians / anarcho-capitalists / voluntaryists / free market anarchists are there? How fast is the movement growing? How many were there in the past? How fast did it grow in the past?

I don’t have answers to these questions, but as I come across answers or data that might help answer the questions, I will post what I find here. Any information you might have on this subject is appreciated (please comment below or otherwise let me know).


  • December 2014 Reddit /r/Anarcho_Capitalism subreddit “survey” results here
  • December 20, 2013 Reddit Anarcho-Capitalism subreddit “survey” (poll): here and results
  • April 2013 Reddit Anarcho-Capitalism subreddit “survey” (poll) results: here and here

Anecdotal Evidence / Speculation

  • April 14, 2015: Reddit /r/Anarcho_Capitalism: To the older An-Caps among us, how has the ancap / anarchist / libertarian movement changed in the last 5 years? Does it make you more or less excited about the future?
  • Larken Rose, September 24, 2013: Gives his own anecdotal evidence for rapid exponential growth of anarcho-capitalists in the last decade in this 2-minute excerpt (4:10 to 6:10 roughly) here.
  • Terry McIntyre, October 22, 2013: “At a recent Liberty on the Rocks event, I exclaimed “do we not have even one token statist?” Everyone at the table was an anarchist.
  • Terry McIntyre, October 22, 2013: “Another anecdote: went to the Karl Hess Club (Los Angele). About 10-15 people present; I was the only one at both this and the previous Liberty on the Rocks. Quite different demographics – greybeards at Karl Hess, youngsters at LOTR. Anyhow, the speaker asked how many thought a stateless society was not only desirable but practical. All hands but one rose. Asked who thought a stateless society would not work. One hand – I found my token statist! Too small to generalize, but it sure looks like there are a lot of anarchists among self-identified libertarians in Los Angeles.”
  • Anthony Gregory, October 22, 2013: “I think there are now more hard-core libertarians in America than state communists.”

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